Welcome to Music Together of Ithaca!

Enrollement is now open for our popular Mixed Ages family music classes for children birth - kindergarten. These are the classes you've heard about! Here are some great reasons to enroll now.

  1. Music Learning Supports All Learning. Not only does Music Together® benefit your child's music development, but has a positive impact on social, emotional, physical, language and cognitive development too!  

  2. Our friendly and fun curriculum is research-based, i.e., we're not just making this stuff up. See what the experts have to say!  

  3. Spring weather in Ithaca is a relief after our long winters. The weather is inviting, you want to be outside, and then, inevitably . . . it rains. Join us for large movement indoor activities that will help your child (and you!) let off some steam.

    4.  Bells! Shaker eggs! Scarves! DRUMS!

Need to see us in action? Contact us to ask about a free trial class.  

Ready to enroll? Register online starting April 4th!  



Music Together of Ithaca / musictogetherofithaca@gmail.com / 516-445-0997